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My Internship Experience With...

The Meridian Group


In the Fall Semester of 2021, I was able to become a Public Relations Intern for the Meridian Group. The Meridian Group is a agency located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and I was able to work with clients such as STIHL, Hypertherm, Sundial Resort & Spa. The various of works below are some of the projects that I have done while interning with them!


Sundial Resort & Spa Blog Post

I was able to put together a wedding plan blog post with Jordan Barnes from the Meridian Group. I worked with WordPress and put together the pictures and add descriptions for the blog post! 

Practice Pitching, Researching, and Organizing 

These are the various works I have done with STIHL and Hypertherm. The majority of my internship involved around them because they are The Meridian Group's biggest clients. I was able to pitch and research various influencers to be best fit for our clients.


On Wednesday, November 17th, I finished my internship with The Meridian Group as one of their PR interns! I am super grateful that I was able to serve them and in return, I learned a lot from them and got some experience on what it is like to be in a public relations team!

I got to meet the PR team and they were all so welcoming! They gave me so much advice and so much information, but I took it all in like a champ. I used their advice to work on my projects I was assigned and it made everything much easier as far as researching! I am glad that they relied on me to help out with their own projects. Around Halloween time, they invited me to do pumpkin painting in the office, but I kindly declined because I was so invested in the project I was working on at that time! Haha! I am glad that they were so flexible with my schedule, working around my school and work! I was able to work in the office and online! The PR team at The Meridian Group was so much fun to work with!

Some of the things that I have learned was how to pitch and get coverage to and from our clients! I was able to help out with a wedding article for the Sundial Beach Resort & Spa. I worked on countless projects associated with STIHL and Hypertherm. I was able to use social media to help me pitch their products that would be best fit for them. I also learned how to work with WordPress and managed to use Cision as a great resource when pitching. I got to see and work with so many editorials and had to organize it all in an excel spreadsheet. I got to practice writing up email pitches towards the end of the internship.

It takes a lot of research to be a public relations person, but that's the joy of doing it when you get so invested into the topic and I never regretted my decision working with such and awesome PR team at The Meridian Group! Meridian Group, thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you guys. It was great to meet all of you and thank you so much for all your wisdom and making me feel a part of your PR family!

My Resolve

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